Model 720

model 720 seam stripper

Removing the coverhook by hand is difficult, time-consuming and dangerous. The OneVision® Model 720 Seam Stripper easily and safely removes the coverhook for tightness inspection on 12 oz. and 16 oz. beverage cans.

Model 720 Seam Stripper


  • Simple, easy cover hook removal
  • Quick can positioning on special pedestal
  • Rugged stripper head with four cutter wheels
  • Safe operating speed


  • Accommodates 202 diameter beverage cans
  • Typical time to strip one seam: 5 seconds
  • No cutter wheel adjustments are needed on site
  • Typical cutter wheel life over 12 months
  • Cutter head guard assures safe cutting operation
  • Four easily changed cutter wheels per head
  • No maintenance except cutter wheel replacement
  • Power Requirement: 120VAC 50/60 Hz

OneVision® innovations help the canning industry improve quality at reduced costs. The Seam Stripper saves inspector’s time through rapid and safe seam stripping.