SeamMate Training

  • SeamMate® Training is provided with system installation and startup which typically requires 1 1/2 days, including training up to four people on each shift.
  • Further on-site training is available as requested on a fee basis.

Operator training

Operator training will review the function of each gauge, proper use of the gauges, and how these gauges interact with the OneVision®SeamMate® software. This session is designed to introduce features that are typical of operator authority levels.

  1. Introduction to the SeamMate® System
  2. Maintenance
  3. Menu and Tool Bar Items
  4. Checking Calibration
  5. Quick Check: thickness gauge, countersink gauge, video microscope
  6. Production Checks
  7. Rechecks
  8. Last Production Sample
  9. Historical Reports
  10. Auto Alert
  11. Trend Charts
  12. Histograms
  13. Seam saw operation and maintenance
  14. Seam stripper operation and maintenance
SeamMate© System

administrator training

Administrative training will review the higher level administrative features associated with managing the system.

  1. File / Image Retrieval
  2. Reports / Inspection logs
  3. Reports and logs
  4. Can line setup and specification evaluation
  5. Password entries
  6. Inspection: production, first operation, seamer setup evaluation
  7. Quick check / Micrometer mode
  8. Configuration / Options / Definitions / Database maintenance
  9. Calibration check / Calibration set
  10. Data / Deletion / Moving data
  11. Archiving data
  12. Spare parts
  13. Maintenance
  14. Networking / Report station / AUTO Alert report monitor software