SeamMate System

seammate® system

Simplicity, reliability, and precision are the standards for double seam inspection. OneVision’s SeamMate® System is the canning industry’s most powerful turnkey system to inspect double seams and provide easy-to-use information to ensure double seam quality.

SeamMate® Double Seam Inspection

OneVision® gauges, vision systems, and inspection products provide accurate data on critical dimensions and visual characteristics of your double seams. The SeamMate® System provides information that helps maintain and predict double seam quality. By delivering both predictive and preventive intelligence, SeamMate® becomes an effective tool to help achieve continuous process quality improvement.


  • Fast, accurate user-friendly gauge systems
  • Database storage for all can specifications and measurements
  • Easy access to data for meaningful display, analysis or reporting
  • Easy-to-use SPC graphics with OneVision’s AutoAlert™ process tracking
  • Seamer Condition at a glance on desktop using SeamVision™
  • SeamMate fits in your network environment providing process information on your desktop

SeamVision Screen and Sample Production Report

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